Promoting wellbeing and improving lives.

Our goal is to harness new technologies to improve lives and help redefine healthcare. Virtual Reality (VR) can enhance care for patients with a broad range of needs. It is affordable, accessible and provides endless possibilities.

TreksVR provides high quality premium wellness applications for businesses, institutions and individuals in their homes.

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Combining the best of both worlds.

TreksVR has been created by UK-based VR innovation & development studio Greener Games.

Founded by John and Ria Carline, Greener Games combines their unique experience from two very different industries. John’s award-winning career as a senior game designer has taken him all over the world at internationally renowned game studios for over two decades. Ria has over fifteen years’ experience working within the care industry, with a focus on adults with learning disabilities.

Our team is responsive, transparent and flexible.
We love what we do and genuinely want to use our expertise to enhance the lives of others.

TIGA finalist 2018

A rich, immersive experience.

We created the world’s most successful relaxation VR app, Nature Treks VR on all major VR devices including Oculus, HTC, Windows and Samsung. TreksVR is built on the same robust and well-supported architecture.

We believe a truly immersive experience can only be achieved via a rich 360° 3D environment which alternatives like 360° video simply can’t emulate.

360° of engagement.

A 360° 3D environment provides far greater freedom and choice for the user.

The first time people connect and experience cause & effect in their virtual environment is a special moment.

Our environments change and evolve with the user, so no session is ever the same.

The benefits of VR.

  • For individuals
    Available on all major VR devices, our apps are easily accessible to users in their homes.
  • For employers
    Even a short break in a VR environment can be valuable and leaves individuals feeling relaxed and refreshed.
  • For hospitals
    Our apps provide clinicians with a valuable, cost effective tool to help encourage relaxation and rehabilitation.
  • For retirement homes
    Our accessible environments provide experiences which promote relaxation and wellbeing without the need for physical travel and disruption.
  • For long term care homes
    VR technology offers freedom and experiences that otherwise would not be possible or realistic to obtain.

Infinite experiences.

  • Relax…
    within peaceful meadows, idyllic beaches, ocean depths and even take to the stars.
  • Meditate…
    with in-built breathing and meditation guides.
  • Travel…
    to a variety of real world destinations.
  • Explore…
    virtual worlds with a variety of movement styles depending on the user’s own comfort.
  • Discover…
    worlds alive with animals. Enjoy magical encounters with over 100 different species.
  • Sense…
    tactile environments to enjoy passively or create and control.

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